Knee Exercises


Knee Strengthening Exercises continued...

Glutes Strengthening Backward leg swing:

Hold onto back of chair for support.
Swing leg back at a diagonal until you feel your buttocks tighten.
Tense muscles as much as you can and swing leg back a couple more inches.
Return leg to floor. Do ten repetitions.
Switch sides and repeat.

*The squat exercise also strengthens the glutes.

glutes strengthening backward leg swing
Calf Raise (strengthens Calves and Ankles):

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Do not lock knees.
Place one hand on wall to help with balance.
Raise heels off the floor as high as you can and slowly lower to starting position.
Do 15 repetitions.
To increase difficulty, do this exercise on one foot at a time.

This exercise can also be done with the balls of the feet on the edge of a stair (or other low platform) and the heels hanging over the edge
Hold on to rail for support.
Slowly lower the heels as far as your can - this stretches the calves
Slowly raise heels as high as you can (stand on toes)
Do 15 repetitions.

Strengthening the ankles and calves may help with overpronation.

calf raise

Balancing Knee Exercises

(Helps in knee stability)

One Leg Stand:

Hold onto back of chair or counter top for support. Stand on one leg for one minute. Switch sides.

As your balance improves, use one hand only for support. Next use one finger only for support, then progress to letting go, but keeping your hands within a couple of inches above chair in case you lose your balance. Do not lean your trunk to one side.

To increase difficulty, shift weight onto the ball of the foot.


Stretching Knee Exercises

Note: If you are experiencing knee pain or have a knee injury or condition, ask your doctor or physical therapist what exercises are appropriate (safest and most effective) for you to do.

How Often to do Stretching Exercises
In general, stretching exercises may be done daily but every second day or 3 times per week is enough. Stretching exercises are often prescribed twice per day or more by physical therapists for the treatment of knee pain, the specific exercises recommended depend on the cause of the pain.

How Long to Hold a Stretch
For stretching exercises, the stretch should generally be held for a total of about 60 to 90 seconds. Holding a stretch for 30 seconds only requires 2 or 3 repetitions. Some people prefer to do more repetitions of 5 or 10-second stretches or just one 60-second stretch.

WARM UP before stretching with 5-10 minutes of low-impact aerobics (e.g. walking, stationary bike). Warmed up muscles are more responsive to stretches and less likely to tear.

Stretches should be performed without any bouncing and in a slow & controlled fashion

Calf Muscles Stretch:

To stretch left calf muscle, step back with left leg, forward with right.
Bend right knee (keep left leg and back in a straight line as you lean forward) until you feel a gentle stretch in the left calf. Do not roll foot out to side. Keep heel flat, foot forward.
Hold 30 seconds. Repeat on other side.

calf muscle stretch


Quad Muscle Stretch:

Stand. Bend right knee, grab front of right ankle and bring heel to buttocks with hand. Keep knees together. Do not arch back. Do not let leg go to side. Point knee toward floor. Tighten buttocks and tuck tailbone under to increase stretch.
Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on other side.

quad muscle stretch

knee exercises continued...